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The Eye-of Rev­e­la­tion

This cor­ner­sto­ne of Sa­cred Ge­om­e­try rep­re­sents the Di­vine pan­o­rama in the only way we can con­tem­pla­te it with nor­mal vi­sion and awa­ke think­ing; it goes be­yond all pos­si­ble hu­man­ized and ar­tis­tic rep­re­sen­ta­tions, be­au­ti­ful to look at, not in­fre­quent­ly stim­u­li of deep emo­tion, but in any case be­long­ing to the earth­ly world.

THE­ORY is a bi­na­ry code pro­jec­tion of the “Eye of Rev­e­la­tion”.
Un­like any oth­er her­met­ic sym­bol, yan­tra or man­da­la, no hu­man hand can cor­rect­ly tra­ce this di­a­gram, who­se com­po­si­tion even chal­len­ges the ef­fi­cien­cy of an x64-based CPU.
Spe­cial rou­tines only – in ad­di­tion to the cov­et­ed pro­ce­dur­al so­lu­tion – al­lo­wed me to push the trim cal­cu­la­tions dig­its up to an ac­cu­ra­cy [or should I say ap­prox­i­ma­tion?] of hun­dreds of dec­i­mal pla­ces, in or­der to of­fer to those who in­ti­mate­ly wish, to draw a per­fect fig­ure, but aim­ing to ap­pro­ach more bal­ance as for pro­por­tions and har­mo­ny.
Yes, be­cau­se this is pre­cise­ly the sec­ond, in­creas­ing­ly sur­pris­ing fea­ture of the cos­mic sche­me: we don't deal with a sin­gle so­lu­tion, but rath­er an in­def­i­nite se­ries of pos­si­bil­i­ties and var­i­a­tions in in­ter­nal pro­por­tions, as I have am­ply doc­u­ment­ed, pro­vid­ed that they re­spect the ba­sic ac­cu­ra­cy of the mul­ti­ple in­ter­sec­tions and of the tri­an­gles con­tact po­ints.
As an ef­fect of al­go­ri­thms per­for­med to di­rect­ly plot and an­i­mat­e the fig­ure in an in­tel­li­gent me­ans, re­gard­less of the pe­riph­er­al that ho­sts it, the con­tin­u­ous rev­o­lu­tion ac­ti­va­tes its pres­en­ce, not only vi­su­al, re­cal­ling the nu­me­ri­cal-geo­met­ric for­mu­la that gen­er­ates it, for which the fi­nal out­put is fac­tu­al.
For this rea­son, the fig­ure pro­du­ced by the ap­pli­ca­tion ra­dia­tes sub­tle and un­in­ter­rupt­ed vi­bra­tions of its own, what a sim­ple vid­eo that re­pro­du­ces it – as in the back­ground of this page – could em­u­late only at a re­duced lev­el, not be­ing made up of in­ter­ac­tive and ef­fec­tive log­i­cal tracks, as the re­sult of math­e­mat­i­cal vec­tor func­tions run­ning, but on­ly by an un­sta­ble mass of pix­els, ± stret­ched by the scre­en res­o­lu­tion.
The only pur­pose of its reg­is­tra­tion, ob­tai­ned pre­ci­se­ly from the work­ing of the ap­pli­ca­tion that you can free­ly down­load, is to in­tro­duce via the back­ground – al­be­it min­i­mal­ly – the func­tion­al­i­ty of the real 3D ani­ma­tion.
Ev­ery­thing else, of co­ur­se, must be able to re­flect in your mind and in the in­fin­ity of con­scio­us­ness.

– And now, some con­fi­den­tial no­tes

Af­ter al­most ne­glect­ing this tool for years, leav­ing it to the prob­a­ble in­ter­est of those who brow­sed the Ital­ian web­site, for a cou­ple of re­cent at­tempts I had the im­pres­sion that it could not run un­der the new ver­sions of Win­dows; but then I ver­i­fied that it was eno­ugh to launch one of the ren­der­ing op­tions pro­vid­ed by the quick menu (right-click) to see it work like 9 years be­fore.
If any­thing, I re­ceive tight­er stres­s­es to dis­trib­ute it and make it us­able, and I re­al­ize its val­ue to­day much more than when I built it.
May­be time is run­ning out and we need it.

ISBN 978-88-904390-5-6
Was it a co­in­ci­den­ce… but all this re­search of mine be­gun in 2003 start­ed from look­ing into a now fam­ous book­let, who­se ope­n­ing ti­tle was pre­cise­ly
«The Eye of Rev­e­la­tion».
. A dic­tion this one orig­i­nal, cer­tain­ly not ac­ci­den­tal, but which in fact did not meet much luck, so much so that aro­und 1945 it was adopt­ed as the up-to-date ti­tle "The 5 Ti­bet­an Rites", al­tho­ugh in Ti­bet they did not know the­se, nor did they recog­nize them in any of their tra­di­tions. But this is the nar­ra­tive.

Ex­peri­ment­ing with its ef­fec­tive train­ing, soon re­sult­ed into a cle­ar first-per­son in­vol­ve­ment, en­light­en­ing eno­ugh to in­duce me to work on an es­say that wo­uld help un­der­stand the full range of its deep roots, fol­lowed by two or three web­sites (list­ed in the help[?] sec­tion) aimed at bring­ing to light cer­tain es­o­ter­ic as­sump­tions of those ‘Rites’, lit­tle or noth­ing at all com­pre­hend­ed, de­spite the vast dif­fu­sion of this gift from Heav­en.