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This 3D ani­ma­tion of the sub­lime and sub­lim­i­nal ce­les­tial sym­bol was con­ceived to im­prove the med­i­ta­tion proc­ess.

Elec­tric­ity ­/En­er­gy

The Com­plete­ness of the Sri Cha­kra:
 The Form of all forms.

The Sri yan­tra con­tains beau­ty par ex­cel­lence, in terms of har­mo­ny and su­preme bal­ance, in the most pow­er­ful and in­ef­fa­ble syn­the­sis.
It could be ar­gued that all man­i­fes­ta­tions, and there­fore pos­si­ble forms, tend and lead back to it.

It is cus­tom­ary to say that as man­da­la it is the “moth­er of all yan­tras”; in re­al­i­ty it should be said that, ex­press­ing GEN­E­SIS, It is FA­THER AND MOTH­ER of ev­ery oth­er yan­tra, or sym­bol­ic con­struct, since it con­tains ev­ery­thing in its nat­u­ral and sub­lime dual syn­the­sis.

From the syn­er­gy of the prop­er­ties of each fig­ure, di­vid­ed by the in­ter­sec­tions in 43 pri­ma­ry ar­eas, the em­blem­at­ic and math­e­mat­i­cal mix of all the com­bi­na­tions es­sen­tial to ex­is­tence is born.

The vi­tal fact to keep in mind when med­i­tat­ing

Christ's les­son on med­i­ta­tion
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is that giv­en the na­ture of the sym­bol, ev­i­dent­ly of equi­lib­ri­um and per­fec­tion in its pure state, ev­ery pos­si­ble rep­re­sen­ta­tion of it – in­tend­ed to en­close and ex­press its vir­tu­al and sub­stan­tial pow­er – can­not fail to re­spect the­se req­ui­sites to the max­i­mum; any ap­prox­i­ma­tion in build­ing it wo­uld com­pro­mise its en­tire con­text, pri­mar­i­ly en­er­get­ic.
Un­less it were a mere phys­i­cal sim­u­la­crum, pre­pared to be vi­tal­ized by put­ting in the ap­pro­pri­ate spaces her­met­ic names of real For­ces-En­ti­ties of which, once ac­ti­vat­ed, it wo­uld be­come a pos­si­ble ve­hi­cle; but this is a par­al­lel as­pect, up­stream of the lin­ear so­lu­tion with its own ob­jec­tive in­trin­sic va­lence; and how­ev­er not so com­mon as one might be­lie­ve; in any case, a sup­port not sus­cep­ti­ble to too many dis­tor­tions, as any tri­plex in­cor­rect in­ter­sec­tion wo­uld just in­crease the num­ber of 43 tri­an­gles…

Hav­ing said and ac­knowl­edged this, the de­cay of wrong tracks – most­ly gross­ly and un­con­scious­ly, but some­times un­for­tu­nate­ly aware of ug­li­ness – some­how low­ers the vi­bra­tory lev­el back­ing the sym­bol, with qu­ite neg­a­tive con­se­quences on those who adopt and con­tem­plate it; some­thing that is im­por­tant to be­co­me awa­re of.

The var­i­ant dec­o­ra­tions of the Sri Yan­tra

It is not ap­pro­pri­ate to ap­ply col­ors, shades, dec­o­ra­tive ideas of any kind, hav­ing an ex­qui­site­ly hu­man char­ac­ter and ar­bi­trat­ed by part fash­ions and ico­nog­ra­phies; I my­self be­gan with an at­tempt to en­han­ce cer­tain char­ac­ter­is­tics, but only at the first stim­u­lat­ing ap­proach, that was, the at­tempt to en­act it – and com­pre­hend – ap­pro­pri­ate­ly adopt­ing it at an il­lus­tra­tive lev­el [fig­ure along­side] for the cov­er of a very spe­cial book [ISBN 978-88-904390-7-0]… (cur­rent­ly with­drawn from dis­tri­bu­tion).

The im­prove­ment achie­ved so far fre­es us from all this, sug­gest­ing that pure geo­met­ric ab­strac­tion is the only one ca­pa­ble of trans­mit­ting the in­ex­press­ible mean­ing of the Con­tent, which cer­tain­ly can­not be en­hanced by earth­ly col­ors and sha­pes.
Watch its ro­ta­tion in spa­ce as much as you can at the be­gin­ning, ex­pe­ri­enc­ing the dif­fer­ent op­tions; in a short time – even if for a mo­ment – you will be able to per­ceive the su­preme har­mo­ny that fil­ters as from Cos­mic Light, and­/or you will catch a sub­tle, driv­ing in­spi­ra­tion trans­mit­ted by the high­er Realms; lin­ger­ing even for a few min­utes ev­ery day will so­on give you un­mis­tak­able proof of its so­lem­ni­ty; and in­dis­pens­able be­cau­se you will feel that it will do you go­od; thence if it will ap­pear to you more and more clear and mo­ti­vat­ed, this will be a go­od sig­nal.
Among the as­pects that still catch me by sur­prise, it is an abil­i­ty to in­spire dif­fer­ent feel­ings, as if it were trans­port­ing you to new paths, while al­ways ro­tat­ing in the same way.
Pre­pare your­self.

How is it ra­tion­al­ly ­/or sci­en­tif­i­cal­ly plau­si­ble?

This in­deed lic­it ques­tion brought to my mem­o­ry an ex­peri­men­tal study in which I came across in 2014, due to a re­se­arch on prob­lems con­nect­ed to the al­ter­ation of Schu­mann Res­o­nance on the plan­et and to par­tic­u­lar ver­ses of the Apoc­a­ly­pse of John.

It is still wide­ly de­scribed at viewzone.com­/schu­man.htmlof which I print­ed a PDF ver­sion (ava­il­a­ble, in case of loss) – in par­tic­u­lar from ¶."The On­go­ing Project" to ¶."A Dem­on­stra­tion, Ple­ase", which sug­gests:

"To con­duct such an ex­peri­ment, place a glass of a tart liq­uid, such as wine or grape ju­ice, at one to three inch­es from the graph­ics on your com­put­er scre­en for 30 to 60 sec­onds. The read­er will eas­i­ly recog­nize the ob­vi­ous and im­pro­ved al­ter­ation in the smell, taste, wet­ness and qual­i­ty of the liq­uid. Sol­id fo­ods can also be test­ed in the same man­ner.
These Smell and Taste Tests are not jokes or hoax­es. The Smell and Taste Tests are based upon log­i­cal and sci­en­tif­ic re­search and meth­ods with tan­gi­ble and real re­sults. …"

It can be re­gard­ed as a more or less di­rect an­swer, but it is ef­fec­tive: I car­ried out the test with tea, split­ting the same al­ready swe­ete-ned and at the same tem­pera­ture into two equal cups, and I could not but re­peat­ed­ly no­tice that the con­tents of the cup laid for a minute or two in front of the dis­play on which THE­ORY ran in full screen, it had a more pleas­ant fla­vor, whose vi­bran­cy en­riched the per­cep­tion of taste on the pal­ate; writ­ing about, I recol­lect it on the tongue.
It is easy to try, as it is to re­peat the test and ... 'if they are ro­ses they will blo­om'; whilst if it deals with sug­ges­tion, it can­not last long!