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On the origins.

It has already been introduced.

A diagram informing Creation can have no other source than Creation itself. It certainly was not composed on earth, and even when it was received there by the civilization of Atlantis, which gave body and knowledge to the main cultures located on the planet, it was not born in Atlantis.

To give us evidence an extraordinary experience occurs, unprecedented detected from one night to the next day, the morning of August 10, 1990, of a 13 miles Sri yantra engraved on the bed of a dry lake in the Mickey Basin, located south-east of the mountains of the Steens mountains in the Alvord desert, 70 miles away from the city of Burns in Oregon.
Note that the formation was oriented precisely in the north-south direction.

Abundantly commented and reworked in 2002 (up to having to doubt its total accuracy, since the base of the 9th triangle appeared to me, and still appears too high), wanting to draw valid and reference topics, quite rare at the first steps of the Web, we now have a sharper aerial photo, which introduces this page.
A more recent video follows a first one; it is quite instructive on the characteristics of the spectacular furrow dug as by a plow, but with the precision of an instrumentation unthinkable on an extension of evidently uneven ground for 13.3 miles.

This diagram, by now undoubtedly of extraterrestrial origin, reproduces the framework of Sri Yantra according to a plan that has become traditional over the centuries on our Earth.
Therefore it's in homage to the style of this apparition, stamped by someone from space in a place cho­sen with care on the earth's crust, and not without a precise purpose, that I have combined to the solution of the yantra, finished and customizable by my routines, the output of the active tool for meditation, concentration and elevation which I invite you to launch and enjoy in your moments of freedom, or to recover compromised liberty.