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Aerial view
of the dry lake
in Oregon, 1990

 Why the Sri Chakra yantra
helps protect the environment

We could spend a life­time try­ing to com­pre­hend the mean­ing, con­tents and po­ten­tial of this cos­mic sche­me, with­out ever ex­haust­ing its sen­se, sin­ce its vir­tu­al con­text tran­scends all our pos­si­ble cog­ni­tive ho­ri­zons.

An em­blem that has nei­ther be­gin­ning nor end, since it re­pre­sents in a su­pre­me, es­sen­tial and per­fect math­e­mat­i­cal and ge­o­met­ric syn­the­sis – hen­ce more than sci­en­tif­ic, al­though still mis­un­der­sto­od – the Empyrean from which the my­ste­ry of Cre­a­tion it­self, na­me­ly the di­spo­si­ti­ve Law that lies a­he­ad, which iden­ti­fies with the CHRIST.
There is no more sig­nif­i­cant form in na­ture, of the har­mo­ny and glob­al e­qui­lib­ri­um.
I re­tra­ce its self-pro­pelled fea­tures on this page as I write, and it se­ems to say to me: "I AM"; it is as if it were re­fle­cted in me, that I con­tem­plate IT.

Ig­nor­ing oth­er or­i­gins de­fined in spa­ce and time con­cei­ved by us, the hu­man scho­las­tic who in­her­it­ed it – with­out re­mem­ber­ing when or how – o­beys the nat­u­ral ne­ed to ap­pro­pri­ate it, giv­ing it a name that ab­sol­ves its pres­en­ce in the ear­th­ly con­text, where­u­pon re­de­fine it in a­gree­ment with var­i­ous doc­tri­nes – as is done with the sa­me con­cept of God – giv­en the ex­tra­or­di­nary op­por­tu­ni­ty to use them for the ben­e­fit of one's teach­ings.

Just as is for the con­cept of God it­self, there are tho­se who be­lie­ve and tho­se who do not be­lie­ve: if the for­mer are most­ly in­du­ced to trust in an im­age that they built on a hu­man sca­le, or that was made for them, it wo­uld be e­no­ugh for oth­ers to re­al­ize that by not be­liev­ing in an­y­thing, they claim not to be­lie­ve even in their own ex­ist­ence, since this is GOD; and it is the task of our po­ten­tial to re­con­nect and man­i­fest It, what is clear­ly re­pre­sen­ted in the re­cent Let­ters dic­tated by Christ 'in per­son', com­men­su­rate with our cur­rent ev­o­lu­tion­ary de­gree.
This yan­tra is its in­stru­ment par ex­cel­len­ce, ca­pa­ble more than any oth­er of vi­brat­ing the a­ware­ness of this, to tho­se who will be able to grasp it.

A win­dow on the im­mense.

I do not in­tend to in­ter­po­se my­self, nor to pro­vide es­o­ter­ic de­tails con­nect­ed to any mys­ti­cal or mag­i­cal prac­tice; what the read­er will be able to draw by the Web a­bun­dant­ly, in more than one lan­guage.

This sym­bol cross­es all pos­si­ble lev­els of a­ware­ness and know­led­ge, re­ach­a­ble and not, de­pend­ing on the de­gree of in­ner de­vel­op­ment and ­/ or in­i­ti­a­tion – when it ex­ists – of the per­son who talks a­bout it.

Our aim

The task I set my­self in this area is to make a­vail­a­ble and un­der­stand­a­ble e­nough, a med­i­ta­tion tool de­si­red by the SPIR­IT and ma­de nine years ago, fin­ish­ing the first dy­nam­ic(° & ex­act(° ex­e­cu­tion of its graph­ic lay­out – a goal which for its com­plex­i­ty and lin­e­ar­i­ty at the sa­me ti­me, has kept and kept ma­ny schol­ars in check for cen­tu­ries.
The fi­nal so­lu­tion is due to the THE­O­RY pro­ce­dure, which from De­cem­ber 2009 has be­en de­scri­bed and a­vail­a­ble at the Web do­main https:­/­/eye-of-rev­e­la­tion-.org (site still only in I­tal­ian). How­ev­er, it is go­od to keep in mind that all the work so far op­ti­mi­zed by any means ... will still re­qui­re ad­just­ments and pa­tient in­ter­ven­tions.
It re­pre­sents only ex­am­ples, a­mong the ma­ny pos­si­ble ways of ap­pro­ach­ing and deal­ing with the top­ic.

Yard / Yantra

It deals with a so spe­cial fig­ure that can­not be plot­ted with­out a com­pu­ter, and like­ly not even with this if not i­de­al­ly.
Un­like any oth­er fig­ure ba­sed on ir­ra­tion­al val­ues, such as some pol­y­gons and their der­i­va­tions – the Gold­en Sec­tion it­self – it does not seem pos­si­ble to com­ple­te it by fol­low­ing a pre­or­dai­ned se­quen­ce of ge­o­met­ric steps, that's to say rul­er and com­pass; be­cau­se the so­lu­tion is not u­ni­vo­cal, like that of a squa­re or a pen­ta­gon, but ra­ther prof­fers a po­ten­tial­ly un­lim­it­ed range - as if to mean that it can con­tract and ex­pand in a myr­i­ad of forms, all per­fect­i­ble to the most im­pec­ca­ble ex­act­ness, and PUL­SAT­ING – read vi­brant – in res­o­nan­ce ac­cord with the per­en­ni­al em­a­na­tion of UN­CON­DI­TION­AL LOVE of the CRE­A­TIVE UNIT.
That should dis­suade all those who strive to pro­pose pre-set and de­ci­sive pat­terns.

mean­ing and ra­tio of the ac­ro­nym THE­O­RY

The ac­tu­al u­ni­verse is not in­fi­nite.

It is the high­est and most com­ple­te sta­te of Be­ing that we can con­ce­ive of, and as such it is cir­cum­scri­bed, even tho­ugh its bo­und­a­ries ­/ ho­ri­zons es­cape any pos­si­ble earth­ly in­ves­ti­ga­tion.
It has a pur­pose and a func­tion: to re­in­te­grate into the Cos­mic Light Con­scio­us­ness, from which its tran­si­to­ry na­ture has drawn vir­tu­al per­fec­tion and con­sist­en­cy.

The struc­tur­al ex­pe­ri­ence of the Big Bang could not have giv­en rise to an in­fi­nite or e­ter­nal re­al­i­ty sin­ce eve­ry­thing that has a be­gin­ning has an end, in spa­ce and time; only its So­ur­ce 'be­yond' is e­ter­nal, how­so­ev­er you want to call it, since the BE of BE­ING has no Name. As is e­ter­nal our Re­al­i­ty, which is not lim­it­ed to a body made of bon­es, or­gans and ner­ves.
For this rea­son the 'yard' lem­ma was sug­ge­sted to me: en­clo­sure, but also fi­na­li­zed op­er­a­tion­al area, co­urt and more.
On our side, the Big Bang ex­pres­sed the po­ten­tial of such an ab­so­lute In­tel­li­gen­ce as to ex­plode into the cha­os a u­ni­ver­se of un­dif­fer­en­ti­at­ed par­ti­cles, in­tend­ed to re­com­po­se its es­sen­ce and ex­ist­ence – with ex­tre­me ef­fi­cien­cy in the free­dom, where 'pos­i­tive'­/'neg­a­tive' means: for each ac­tion an e­qual and op­po­site re-ac­tion – up to the Di­vine Bal­ance, ma­ni­fes­ting the 'Christ Con­scio­us­ness' in the bi­no­mi­al In­tel­li­gent-will | Pur­pose­ful-love-. For this rea­son THE­O­RY ab­sol­ves and re­sol­ves bet­ter than any oth­er sym­bol the her­met­ic mys­tery of the Rose + Cross!
The prin­ci­ple is of el­e­men­ta­ry par­a­digms, for the in­ter­ac­tion of which the u­ni­ver­se de­vel­ops and e­vol­ves in all its com­po­nents, di­rec­tions and re­ces­ses, from the sim­ple a­tom­ic struc­ture, to DNA, to stel­lar sets.
Em­blem­a­tized and reg­u­lat­ed by the im­pec­ca­ble, un­as­sail­a­ble and not sub­vertible con­struct of the Sri Chak­ra.
As yantra thus THE­O­RY sym­bol­izes­/is The Holy Eye Of Rev­e­la­tion, aimed to those who be­come a­ware of it: The-Holy-Eye-Of-Rev­e­la­tion-Yantra (the in­stru­ment) re­pre­sents The-Holy-Eye-Of-Rev­e­la­tion-Yard (the struc­ture).
This is an ex­pres­sion rare­ly used and may­be even less un­der­stood, but so be it: stud­y­ing in depth this con­text, the right sen­se will e­merge.
Med­i­tate on the Eye? per­haps it is worth think­ing of that of a cy­clone: the cen­tral area mar­ked by rel­a­tive calm, a­ro­und which eve­ry­thing wraps, or un­folds, spin­ning at very high spe­ed and in­ten­si­ty…
Per­son­al­ly I pre­fer to re­fer to "Yard", as it sat­is­fi­es a cog­ni­tion of con­cre­te or­der, not in­stru­men­tal; sin­ce med­i­tat­ing is our task, but the com­po­si­tion of the sym­bol goes far be­yond!